Professional Learning Resources

Workshops, trainings, conferences and other professional learning taken through one of the organizations listed below any time between June 1 and December 1 may help meet the requirements of the Reimagine Teaching program if—

UEN & Regional Service Centers | Higher Education Faculty Support | Community Partners

UEN & Regional Service Centers

Utah Educational Network Professional Development

UEN Professional Development offers professional learning courses, workshops and resources to public schools or districts at no cost.

(800) 866-5852


Central Utah Educational Services (CUES)

Central Utah Educational Services identifies needs and provide educational services that support student achievement.

(435) 896-4469


Northeastern Utah Educational Services (NUES)

NUES provides cooperative services and assists school districts in delivering efficient, equitable and quality educational programs that empower educators to increase student achievement and learning.

(435) 654-1921


Southeast Educational Service Center (SESC)

SESC is a not-for-profit service center that supports the public education school districts and schools in Southeast Utah and exists to provide services needed and requested by the schools/districts served.

(435) 637-1173


Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC)

SEDC meets the needs of students and teachers, promotes achievement, and provides for economy and efficiency in the cooperative delivery of educational services that are identified and requested by member schools.

(435) 586-2865


Higher Education Faculty Support

DSU Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) promotes innovation and excellence in teaching by providing faculty an array of resources to help them facilitate effective, efficient, and engaging student learning.

(435) 879-4374


SLCC Faculty Development

Faculty Development supports the instructional development needs of faculty, promoting evidence-based teaching practices with the goal of supporting student success.



U of U Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence provides a variety of services to all University of Utah instructors with an emphasis on best pedagogical practices and strategies for teaching in higher education.

(801) 581-7597


USU Center for Innovative Design & Instruction

The USU Center for Innovative Design and Instruction (CIDI) helps university instructors create and maintain high quality learning environments.

(435) 797-9506


UVU Office of Teaching and Learning

Enabling the enhancement of teaching and learning practice across the institution through meaningful faculty development opportunities, support for high-quality course design, and assistance for learning technologies.

(801) 863.8255


WSU Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is focused on supporting technology for Academic Faculty, Staff, Departments, and Colleges. 

(801) 626-8610


Community Partners

Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE)

Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE) is a collaboration among nonprofit informal science education organizations in Utah. These groups receive funding from the Utah State Legislature to provide science experiences to students and teachers across Utah who would otherwise not be available to them.


Professional Outreach Program in the Schools (POPS)

Professional Outreach Program in the Schools (POPS), managed by the Utah State Board of Education and sponsored by the Utah State Legislature, supports arts education in Utah’s public schools by bringing professional arts organizations’ educational programs to schools for free or subsidized costs.


Public Libraries

The Utah State Library, along with local library branches, work to develop, advance, and promote library services and equal access to information and library resources to all Utah residents.



SafeUT answers crisis calls, and chats—about yourself or someone else—24/7. These free services, provided by University of Utah Health, are confidential.



As the Utah affiliate to the American Council on Education Women’s Network, UWHEN works toward advancing women’s leadership on higher education campuses. UWHEN is hosting several virtual workshops this fall that focus on COVID-related issues (i.e, strategies for success in a COVID-era workplace, resiliency in work under very stressful times, etc.).